Rich and Colourful Tourmaline Jewelry

Shop wonderful jewelry designs for everyday wear in yellow gold & white gold at Christensen Jewelry. Tourmaline in red, pink, green, watermelon, as well as a brownish-red colour tone.

Tourmaline is one of the most versatile of the gemstones. It comes in some very wonderful variety of colours. Tourmaline colours are quite varied with a stone available in virtually available in every hue. Tourmaline goes by many names depending on the colour varieties: · Rubellite: This is the name for tourmaline in red, pink, purplish red, orange red, as well as a brownish red colour tone. · Indicolite: This name encompasses several blues such as dark violet blue or greenish blue tourmaline. · Paraíba: One of the most intense of the lot. The shades include greenish or violet blue. · Chrome tourmaline: This is a deep rich intense green as rich as emeralds. · Parti-coloured: This includes combinations of green and pink as also includes several others. · Watermelon: This tourmaline colour tone is pink in the centre and green on the outside as its name suggests. Stones in this colour tone are typically cut in slices to show off the colour combination in the best possible manner. Tourmaline is the October birthstone along with opal. It is also the gem of the 8th Anniversary. At Christensen Jewelry in Hampton Iowa, we have some beautiful jewelry options showing off several beautiful colours of this gemstone. Browse along to have a look at some wonderful tourmaline jewelry designs for everyday wear in yellow gold and white gold.