Sapphire Jewelry Designs

sapphire rings

Has sapphire caught your fancy recently? Enter the glittering world of Christensen Jewelry to check out a stunning collection of the deepest and the most luxurious blues with our range of gorgeous sapphire jewelry.

With an array of designs available, you will find every piece of jewelry required to complete your look. Even if it is a gift for a loved one, sapphire jewelry is special and will make a great gift option. From beautiful sapphire earrings to iconic necklace designs, rings and bracelets, the options are many with an option for everyone.

There are interesting interpretations as to the origin of the name sapphire. There are some who say that sapphire derives its name the Greek word ‘sapheiros’ which means blue, while there are those who believe that the names come from the planet name Saturn. Although most of the iconic pieces are made with blue stones, often the only colour associated with this stone interestingly sapphires are available in different colours other than blue as well.

Sapphires have been a favourite of royals for years together thanks to their symbolism of wisdom, good fortune, virtue, and holiness. Did you know that the most famous amongst the sapphire rings is Princess Diana’s sapphire cluster engagement ring? This ring is now flaunted by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. If you rather have something different than a diamond engagement ring, you can always shake things up with a gorgeous sapphire ring. If you are looking for a unique one there are unique designs available at Christensen. Visit our website to have a look at the beautiful sapphire jewelry designs.